Monday, October 17, 2022

Laces Out : "Here at Ashram"

 Striking while the iron is hot these guys have pumped another one out. They pick up where the EP     left off. Frenetic energy to the taunt guitars that ride the line between post-punk and post-hard core. Sometimes this is done in a Fugazi like fashion and at others it feels like they are a long-lost indie rock band from the 90s. They can ride the grooves of these riffs, smoothing out the angular qualities. The vocals are what typically owes the most to hard-core in their sound as they are painfully pissed. Lyrically things are pretty personal on the song "Chemicals". I really like the palm muted tension to "Impulse".

There is actual singing on " Stability" though the vocals do break into a more screamed emoting as the dynamic builds. It reminds me of the early days of emo. There is an inner darkness to the downtrodden swagger of the riff.  "All In" jerks you around with a more aggressive and more mathy attack. They continue to barrel forward in a straightforward fashion with "Ipkiss Please". The sung vocals on "Jacob" are a little pitchy and strained, but I appreciate the efforts to blend melody into what they do. This is the big difference between the full length and the EP, we are getting to hear a wider range of what the band can do. Sometimes these melodic touches are warmly rough around the edges and remind me of Hot Water Music. 

They go after the song "Shooter: in a more frantic punk manner. They close the album with "the Truth Tolls" which encapsulates the varied sonic sides to what they do combining the muscular bluster and bellowing with melodic tendencies. I will give this album a 9.5 and see how it grows on me. Some songs I have given more listens than others, but the more I listen to it the clearer, the picture becomes and less hampered by the ghosts of the past haunting my recall regarding the sounds of the present. .   

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