Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Gothtober- The Things That Bump & Grind in the Night Playlist


I make Halloween playlist for other blogs I write for so only makes since to have one , but with different theme , after having a dream about having sexual interactions in a bathtub in the basement of a Hotel at Dragon Con , I felt inspired to make a play list of  the best Halloween songs to have sex to . I mean I guess you could also paint to them if you felt so inspired, depends on what you are doing with the brushes I guess . So If you are two people short of a threesome that is ok, put on your favorite Demon Rapes Girl porn and have a wicked wank with it in the background. Or if you are a demon who does slip in through the window to ravish virgins then cue this up on your sigil. These songs either work a Halloween theme lyrically over sex dripping beats or about sex and dark enough to appease vampires. 

Bauhaus - "She's In Parties"


 Dead Can Dance- " The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove"



 Ulver- "the Hour of the Wolf" 


 Sound VVitch - "Transformitive Fire" 


 Wax Idols - "Glisten" 


  Christian Death - "Stairs"


Strvngers - " La Petite Mort" 


 Chelsea Wolfe - 'the Color of Blood" 

Marilyn Manson- "I Put A Spell On You" 

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