Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Chant : "Hydra"


I saw these guys open for KMFDM years ago and was really impressed to glad this album came across my inbox. It takes all the things you could want from industrial and amps the the drumming. This guy plays along side Danny Carey and Martin Atkins in Pigface so that is what we are working with here. The song writing is pretty decent  on the opening track to go along with that equation . The second song feels like it has a "Beautiful People" undercurrent. and the vocal mix is weird, the effects feel like they could stand to lay on thicker . Lyrically it is a little awkward. The vocals feel like they are up a little too high in the mix by the 3rd song. The vocals remind me of Alice Cooper. They are rough around the edges, but still capable of forming a melody. 

'Sidelines" is a slight dynamic shift, though it feels like we are getting more into electronics and I am hearing less of what sounds like actual guitar and drums.His vocals are much better here. "Love, Sex, Revolution" has more of a KMFDM feel. The groove to this song works better and we get guitar or at least synths that are overdirven enough to feel like guitars . By the chorus I am pretty sure we are getting actual guitar.I feel from a song writing perspective it is getting back in the direction of what worked on the first song. I like the darker tension to "Uprising" . It has more of a droning throb.

"Hydra" is slinkier and feel more like an industrial Alice Cooper to me which really the Coop already tocuhed on with his 'Brutal Planet' album. This is less gritty than that. I like when the vocals come in as it gives the song more of a Psychic Tv feel. The product can be on the dry side some times, which I htiunk effects the feel of the vocals , aside from that it is pretty much straight forward 90s industrial that is middle of the road when it comes to the guitar , I will give it an 8.5 .  


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