Friday, October 2, 2020

Gothtober : Goth Mix Tape vol 1

Here is another mix tape. This time we have to stick to our Gothtober theme. Pulling from more of the genre's electronic side, so cyber goths do not complain about not getting equal time. Any ways it's been a week and sometimes music is the only thing that makes things better when words are not enough. Music puts it into action. It touches the frequencies of your senses . Sometimes a beat says it all and sometimes it's a melody what ever the case I hope this brings darkness to your day in a tangible way so that these songs snuggle you while you are dancing. 

"Sexy Tragic Muse" by Angel Spit


"Shatter Matter" by Lebanon Hanover


"Your Body" Harsh R


Eulogy" by Creux Lies


"Nobody's Watching" by Hante


"Nude Grace" by Fall Shock



 March  by "Dan Terminus" 


"Diabolic" by Dance with the Dead 


"Parallel World" by the Birthday Massacre


"Charm and Demand" by Vowws


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