Thursday, June 2, 2022

Death is June -Grave Infestation: " Persecution of the Living"

 The first full length from this nasty Canadian death metal band. They have a rough around the edges filth to what they do. This is a case where things should be under produced on purpose to give this kind of a gritty feel. The drumming is very bare bones and almost punk in its simplicity, The vocals pattern is more interesting on the second song, but the opener is more intense and tighter writing. There is more of a creep to the title track. This doomier tone also lends itself for the guitars to find more nuanced playing. The growl is almost done in a way that is singing. 

At time these guys remind me of Obituary. They step on the gas for the more pummeling "Can You See the Pale Horseman in the Distance", it is marginally more interesting than the even more straightforward beating unleashed on your ears for "Plague of Crypts". here they begin to get mired down in the bog of death metal tropes. I can hear a little of Celtic Frost in them here, but that alone is not enough to stand out from the pack. This continues with the song after this a well, though there are a few moments when things get deliberate where you hear more potential though the rule here that is going to hurt a great deal of bands this month is "cool riffs alone does not a good song make" There needs to be dynamics and melody no matter the genre.  

Things improve in terms of songwriting on "Human Jigsaw Puzzle". There are more memorable riffs woven together in a way that is more effective.  "Eternal Oblivion" is manic Slayer styled chaos, run through the grime ridden filter of death metal then flushed into the sewers. Rougher around the edges in terms of songs writing than say Disma who does something similar.  I will give this album and 8, if dirty and heavy are your priority then this is for you.  

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