Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Death is June- Abythic - "Eden of the Doomed"

Think I am at over a dozen deal metal reviews for this month and not at the halfway point. I try to stockpile them and knock a few out in a day, so I do not get burned out by the end of the month as death metal has a sonic uniform it parades around in. The goal of a death metal band should be to redesign this uniform to make it recognizable but not totally conforming. Here is an EP by a German band who achieved a very heavy and nasty sound, but rather than just relish this accomplishment they seem to care about the songs and employ dynamics within these grim confines of heaviness. The growl of the vocals is moderately enunciated. In the six and a half minutes of this song, they cover a great deal of ground, but for my ears get reduced to sounding like everyone else when they speed up. On this song it is a raw sloppy feeling from the attack. 

The second song "Conquest of the One True C reed" the sheer heaviness and driving force of the riff that thunders down is more impressive to me. Damn in 2022 a song title like that is going to give someone at Metal Sucks the wrong idea and they are bound to get butt hurt and try to cancel them. There are spots where the vocals are more spoken and that allow for a little more color. Without fail however they bring things up to the run of the mill death metal speed and lose the character they were beginning to establish on this one. 

By the time I get to the last song my hops for a drastic redesign of the death metal uniform, has been reduced along with my expectations. Though on the last song they do slow things down to a speed that is more manageable. This also sounds darker. Using a flood of double bass to gain traction is pretty effective. Ooops in case you forgot that these guys are German you might even start connecting the dots in outraged manner at the fact they are sampling German by the end of the last song, so there might be more to that song title than suspected. Not that we really give a shit hear since death should be celebrating death in all of the forms it has fallen upon mankind.I will give this a 9 as they use speed but do not rely on it and give a shit about writing sogns, while still cruching your skull. Being released on Iron Bonehead.  


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