Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs : "Viscerals"

I hate this band's name. It made me reluctant to check this album out . I am glad I got over it because these guys are not what I expected. This is their fourth album so they know what they are doing. I kept hearing Sabbath referenced in regards to these guys and truth be told I hear  more Butthole Surfers than I hear Black Sabbath. Very driving and up tempo. I would call this punk before I called it doom. There is a little more of a stoned lumber to the second song. The vocals are some where between a punk howl and singing. The bass player is probably the member of this band the most influenced by Sabbath. The vocalist not at all. The rest of the band falling some where in-between, though the guitar tone alone suggests they have a thing for vintage tones . They sometimes bend this to create sonic atmosphere. No shredding blues solos that are more of a keystone for Sabbath.

 "New Body" owes more to early Rollins band or the Melvins. Lyrically it's not as centered on inner angst as Rollins, instead we get musings about dancing with the devil with two left feet. This one drones on with increasing layers of feedback."Blood and Butter " is just a weird interlude. "World Crust" finds them charging back harder with more of a metal chug. "Crazy in Blood" has one of the hookier choruses on the album. It's like stoner punk. There is more rumble to "Halloween Bolson". It is hard to say if this is punk inspired by metal or metal inspired by punk. The other option is this is a metal band with a punk singer. On this song the lumber feels a little more awkward and the song doesn't flow as smoothly together as the rest on this album.

The last song "Hell's Teeth" finds the pace picking up a little and the vocals are more shouted, The more retro fuzz of the guitar finds the more bong smoke ambiance that has colored the rest of the album still intact. I will round this up to a 9 as it is familiar without sounding like every one else. I think some of this will just have to grow on me, If you like to smoke pot and you also like punk then I think this album will work for you.

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