Tuesday, October 29, 2019

the Top 10 Goth Albums of the Decade

Of course I had to obsess over this one. I am less sure of it than the post- punk list, however I am going with both quality and quantity. Quantity being how much I actually listened to the album. Goth is a broader label. This is demonstrated here. There is every thing from metal to death rock to industrial to bizarre dark forms of indie rock. There are not only dark albums, but ones that were addictive as well. This year I am sparing with the long winded explanations as to why they are where they are on the lsit or on the list at all. You might have albums you feel belong on this listen. That is fine and good, so go start your own blog and write about them. I know for a fact I listned to these a ton over the course of the past ten years. It could be they are going to be on one of my other lists in the coming months, and you are just dumb and do not know what goth is. Do not hold your breath. Or actually do hold your breath and maybe you will pass out. Any way here are the top 10 goth albums of the past decade.


10- Marilyn Manson- "the Pale Emperor"

9- KMFDM - "Hell Yeah"

8- Street Sects -"Rat Jacket" 

7- Swans - 'the Seer"

6-Atriarch - "Ritual of Passing"

5-Killing Joke - "xxmi"


4-Strvngers -"amor noir"

3-Zola Jesus- "Stridulum 2"

2-Beastmilk- "Climax"

   1-Chelsea Wolfe - "Pain is Beauty"

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