Friday, October 4, 2019

Gothtober - Mix Tape Mania

Time for me Mix Tape Mania. There more mania here than mix tapes , since I do not have a tape present.  Though since this is Gothober I am inclined to make play lists that are darker than the norm. I was asked for song that were both dark and sexy . Sexy is subjective since different things turn people on. There might be more of a sleazy element to how these songs come across. To me that kind of sultry feel is sexy. Lyrically there seems to be some element of deviance in the songs too, much if you no me in real life is expected. There is a great deal of this play list coming from the 90s . The 90s were without a doubt a sexier decade and that is without the internet.

My Dying Bride - " Sear Me" 

Amigo the Devil - "If I'm Crazy"

Christian Death - "the Loving Face"

Dead and Gone" - "Blood From a Ghost" 

Jane's Addiction- "Ted Just Admit It" 

Billy Idol - "Flesh For Fantasy" 

Kayo Dot - "Midnight Mystic Rise and Fall" 

HEALTH - "Strange Days" 

PJ Harvey - "The Garden" 

Mr.Bungle - "Love is a Fist" 

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