Monday, October 21, 2019

Starcrawler : " Devour You"

I guess the internet would normally be to blame for a 20 year old finding her way to juncture where glam and punk once met. Unless that 20 year old grew up with their parents in the biz. Yes the Runaways are a comparison that could be made. There is a grunge touch like early Hole in some places as well. On the second song they actually jam out some, The songs are very taunt and written in the compact punk fashion. The guitar is the instrument with the most swagger. They back off to a more Rolling Stones like place on " No More Pennies". It is not pop, but well written where the blues meeting slacker 90s indie rock. "You Dig Yours" has a more disco beat like the "Some Girls " era  Rolling Stones . The second time I have referenced the Stones , so there is something there. The bottom line is it's well crafted .

There are some playful throw away moments "Toy Teenager " being on, as it's a minute long, but makes sense for punk. The gunge thing returns on " Hollywood Ending" .  I am not sure the chorus is as strong as the previous songs . I had to give "She Gets Around" another listen for it to sink in. It has a darker purr to it. "I Don't Need You" is another straight forward rock song not far removed from Joan Jett , just less overt radio aspirations . I think that is big difference is being a younger band they have decades of intent apart from the bands they are taking inspiration from. "Rich Taste" is marginally darker in it's more gutter tinged grunge. "Born Asleep" is bluesier and more melodic. Lyrically it seems to be about an overdose so a little serious in tone.

The reckless punk of "Tank Top" is fun, but as serious as you can take this kind of rock n roll infused  punk. There is a country jangle to "Call Me a Baby".  I'll give this album a 9. It's more rock than punk, but will appeal to fans of early punk. It's well written and not what I expected going into this Released on Rough Trade. . 

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