Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gothtober - "Twin Temple - " Twin Temple Bring You Their Signature Sound"

Here is an album that might make Anton Lavey happy. He did not like metal. Despite what how that seems to be the on genre intent on doing the devil's work. I think the fact many of them purpose to be theistic Satanists does not help their case with him. I have to think he might be better with some of them than the bleeding heart approach of  the Temple of Satan that fails to see social justice is for Christians. Anyways they recall an era that Lavey would approve of. The first song reminds me of Amy Winehouse. The lyrics are satanic . They are not doing this in the kind of goofy fashion Ghost does.  "Lucifer My Love" is more of a ballad, not unlike say "Teen Angel" in it's down tempo. It sways like a slow dance at prom. She does say he kisses better than Jesus which made me laugh. The peppy "Satan's a Woman" is lyrically silly but the music makes up for it.

"Let's Hang Together" is an ode to gallows romance breaking away from the satanic theme. There is more of a noticeable nod to Winehouse with her vocals on "The Devil Did Not Make Me Do it". I was burned out on the Winehouse album moons ago so I am good with this.  Smoky sex drips from "Wicked". There is more of an empowered almost feminist slant that recalls the "Satanic Witch" book on this song and as an undercurrent to the album as a whole.  The  piano solo on this one is a nice touch.The feminist thing is amped up on "I am a Witch" But lyrics like 'when I bleed / I put it in your coffee" are just too funny to be mad about it. "I Know How to Hex' is one of the album's better songs as it slithers with a smooth samba.

"Santa Muerta" carries more of a latin groove and helps breaks thing up. Another break from the satanic imagery though not from railing again patriarchy.  "Femme Fatale"  is not as hooky with it's melody.  I will give this album a 9 and see how it grow one me Not the most original sound as it very much an homage to another point in time.Could I be bias due to the satanic slant , possibly.

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