Monday, October 28, 2019

Gothtober - Wingtips :"Exposure Therapy"

Over the course of this month I try to cover all shades of goth, sometimes to the point where it is more goth leaning than black dyed to the soul goth. This time we are soaked to the roots in black.   I sometimes think of things as Dragon Con. There is a contingent of goth that seems to always get booked there that is perhaps not as dark as it could be granted a range of goth artists have performed there including A Black Tape For a Blue Girl  and Rasputina. This act is not like them before  the Cruxshadows side of Dragon Con. I am fine with the poppy touch and do like this project more than Cruxshadows and I am only on the first song. Though it is not a hard feat to accomplish they are singing in key and not perpetually flat.

The melody to "Accidental Effigies" does not hook me in like the first song. There is a fair amount of melodrama to make up for this.  The groove hooks into you on "After the Storm". When everything fires on all cylinders it is kind of like if Chvrches were actually a goth band and not just dressing up like one. I still love them though.  Sometimes the more brooding moments can take away from this, but I respect it as that is what they need to emote. When they can not catch the groove on a song like "Sentinel" I am less impressed than I am on the more Cure like "Here and Now". This album needed guitar and I am always going to like something that sounds like the Cure. Guitar is not an instacure as "Ghosted" wanders like it's namesake.  However when they get back on the Robert Smith tip for "Relativity" is works.

I like the touch of atmosphere they bring to the last song, that is balanced with melody. I will give this one a 9. Pretty high for a debut I know but they have a knack for songwriting. If you are into dark wave or goth this is a must. I think there is enough that is both new and familiar to keep your interest.

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