Thursday, October 3, 2019

Gothober -Death Valley Girls - "Darkness Rains"

Been wanting to check out this band as every hot goth looking chick I seen recently have been wearing their shirts. While they are not as goth as their shirts lead me to believe. They do play a dark style of retro rock with enough 60s creepiness to it for me to cover here. The firs song has some punk chaos and vocals oddly set against it. The tremble to the vocals is somewhat death rock, though girl gang vocal continue to bring it back more onto the punk side of the dirty alley. They are all about swagger and attitude. There is danger like they are Thelma and Louise driving the car off the cliff. I can also here how they are descendants of PJ Harvey. Sometimes they can be too straight forehead as "Unzip Your Forehead" bored me.

" Wear Black "offers some darker colors and is a over all better song  perhaps better than the first three as well. I prefer this more wobbling reverb drenched guitar.  "Abre Camino" finds them growing darker and more ominous. They continue down this dark and story road with "Born Again and Again". This one is both droning and brooding with it's hypnotic pulse.  "Street Justice" finds them back in their early 70s punk mode. It is darker and more melodic with the guitarist as aggressive as Alice Cooper so all great components. "Occupation Ghost Writer" is more straight forward rock n roll that I did not find to be as engaging.  .

They are back into the sonic hypnosis with "TV in Jail On Mars" which sounds like it could also be the title of a song by the Misfits. I like this one do to the surreal sway it holds. I will give this album a 9 as some of the more straight forward garage rock like moments did not grab me, but this was tempered by the darker and more hypnotic songs that resonated with me. Their more introspective and drugged out side is the best and will keep my ears open for these girls in the future,.


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