Saturday, May 7, 2022

Luminous Vault : " Animate the Emptiness"

 This is not merely just another sludged out metal band working in industrial, nor is it industrial revivalist fare, which comes across as having less balls to it than what goes down here. There is more of a metallic feel thanks to the more blatant death metal rasp of the song. The first song proved that the drum machines were not going to be weak, and they would not just be playing against the monochrome dynamics of a preset drum pattern. Yes there is a sonic of Ministry to the second song. "Divine Transduction" finds them at more of a Meshuggah like place in terms of how the riffs move. The vocals are not as commanding or aggressive.  There is more focus on the riff here. While most bands become more into a sound than songs, these guys keep a balance. 

"Regeneration" might use more sonics and melody with the guitars that occupy most the the song, but how things fall into place overall seem less thought out. Even though it is more overt metal in it's attack something can be said from the intention driving the crunch of "Earth Daemon"/ It is powerful and effective. With metal there is this fine line between something new and not over thinking it. "Embryonic" is just and atmospheric interlude comprised from synth sounds, that is basically a intro for the last song. 

They wrap things up with "Ancient North". There is a great deal more melody in the thicker atmosphere leading into the song. The vocals stay at more of a dry rasp. Overall the vocals are kind of their weak link here, but on a song like this they are the one thing anchoring into a more aggressive place. I think it was not until this song that I could hear the almost progressive touch of musicality that underlies what they do. This album is very impressive as it does not jump on any bands wagons , these guys are doing their own thing for sure.I will give this album a 9, it drops May 20th on Profound Lore.  


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