Saturday, March 30, 2019

London Calls it

Last night I had to correct London who was under the impression that everyone went to Live Aid to see Queen. I had to correct this by showing her clips of the Live Aid performances by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. She like Ozzy and the boys best so has been on a tangent of wanting to see videos of Ozzy going crazy.  This morning I expanded upon it and took the opprotunity to play live videos of other bands to get her thoughts on it so here we go

Ozzy - "Mr Crowley"  from 83

London- "He kinda looks like you when you had long hair. He is not going crazy here"

Motley Crue - "Looks That Kill " from 87

London : "Eh, they are not as good as Ozzy"

Marilyn Manson- Live show from 96

London : "He has black hair like you used to. Why is he wearing booty shorts. He is having a fit. I don't even wear booty shorts. Who could have a crush on this guy?"

Judas Priest - "Heading out to the High way " live mid 8os. 

London-" He is not singing like an old lady hear , so that is better, I like it"

Slipknot-"Live From 99" 

London- "I don't think they sing as good in the masks , the sound is too low, I don't like them"

Gwar - Live from 90

London- "He doesn't sing very well, why is he more famous than you, you think better than he does, so does King Diamond. "

King Diamond - "Deadly Omens" live from 89

London- "I can tell be the singing that this is King Diamond, so of course it's good"

Ghost- Live from 2018

London- " This is crap, if they want to be King Diamond they have to sing better than that"

Lita Ford " Kiss Me Deadly" 

London- "This is not metal, how can this be metal"

In This Moment -Live 2018

London- "Are they going to just dance or sing" singing starts "I guess this is ok for a girl"

Chelsea Wolfe- "Live 2016" 

London- "This is a little better than the last one, rather see Ozzy"

Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train Live 83"

London- "I think I can go crazier than him, I think I could crush faces if I had to"

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