Thursday, March 14, 2019

Indestructible Noise Command : "Terrible Things"

These guys are a band whose name I remember from the 80s , but don't recall every actually hearing them. They are very high energy like a more hard-core version of Testament. They use a catchy yet repetitive formula most of the time . "Indentifier" reminds me in places of D.R.I. The lyrics are pretty clever . By the time we get to the title track they begin to get mired into more of a set formula. This does not detract from the fact that they are good at what they do. The singer has a Overkill like spit fire aggression to his aggression, going into higher notes that are more screamed than sung. Though there are a few notes sung on choruses here and there. The drummer is insane , but with thrash that kind of comes with the job description. "Legions Rise" seems to fall out of the previous song with more shredding but little else to distinguish it .

"Unscathed" has some taunt chugging, but shows how if left unchecked thrash can all begin to sound the same. This could be said for a few other metal sub-genres. It was separates the greats from the masses to have a stamp on their own sound. Another reason these guys are not mentioned in the same breath as even bands like Voivod and Vio-lence. "Bonesaw Ballet" marries modern metal to the days of thrash they came from pretty effectively.  "Salmonella" is an odd topic for a song. Even odder that is one of the album's darker songs as it opens with doomy riff before speeding up. The lyrics seem to be more about politics. The main riff is very Judas Priest . The vocals are the most varied on this song as well, almost in a more Pantera direction. "Nemesis" is more typical of late 80s thrash, think Testament meets Nuclear Assault. So not the album's most original moment.

I'll round this up to an 8, due to the fact that while this was never cutting edge in terms or originality the energy and precision they put into these songs is impressive. For some reason I used to always thing these guys had more in common with Brutal Truth back in the day, though I listened to more than my fair share of Testament so it's not like I did not already have this sort of thing filled . If you like thrash then this is worth checking out for sure .

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