Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Igorrr :" Savage Sinusoid"

This project from France which has become more of a collective would like be beyond categorization . But every thing can be broken down to the core of it's parts, particularly if it comes from metal. Back when Opeth was a metal band, they were a death metal . A progressive one , but I death metal band none the less. Not that this album didn't take several listens to find what the core of their sound was. Ed Warby from Hail of Bullets plays drums in this band and he is capable of blast beats as well as double bass. Operatic female vocals are added to the second with some chaotic punches thrown in. By the third song when more Eastern European influence comes in that it begins to remind me of Estradasphere.  When it gets into glitched out video game sounds the songs seem more like movements than songs that stand alone on their own two feet.

The electronic elements like break beats increase by the time they get to "Opus Brain" and I am surprised they don't go into full on dub step, but I guess that would be the more obvious place to go and working against the obvious choice is what this band is about. Instead at the minute and a half mark they go a more metal route. The song that follows is more atmospheric piano piece. The operatic female vocals return. "Spaghetti Forever" opens with classically finer picked acoustic guitar. Which the song returned to after electronically driven bursts of spasms.After this song with get more gypsy music. Some of the bass playing on this song is impressive. After this song they launch back into their more chaotic blend of death metal this time broken up by a harpsichord before the operatic vocals return. One thing I like about these guys is they don't feel the need to drag even their more progressive moments out into long sprawling songs and everything us pretty compact.

 The instrumental "Va Te Foutre" blasts on the one riff for the bulk of the piece so feel more like an interlude. "Robert" starts of a glitch experimentation in electronics.It then goes into a very Mr Bungle back and forth with more organic burst of instrumentation."Au Revoir" opens with the operatic female vocals and piano. The metal doesn't come in until midway in the song and is done in more conventional sense if we are talking symphonic death metal. I'll round this up to a 9 as it's so well done, I don't think as far as the songs go there is a lot that really would hook me into for repeat iPod listens , though I have it in my hard drive and enjoyed what I have heard so far.

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