Monday, October 30, 2017

Gothtober- the Goth Shuffle

Ok this is going to be like the Weekly shuffle except I am only reviewing the first ten goth songs that come up in my iPod.

Gary Numan- "If I Said" 

This album continues to grow on me. The vocals on this song remind me a little more of Smashing Pumpkins that what I think of as classic Gary Numan, but it still works .

Isendoral - "Tear the Veil of Dreams" 

On the more metal side of goth ,but with less eye liner. There  are generous amounts of neo-folk in this album as well, often they are in conflict with harsher vocals.  It's one that I owe more listens before the year ends.

KMFDM - "Freak Flag" 

One of the poppier songs on this album. It's still a pretty solid album as these moments are done better than they executed them in the band's more recent ebm past.

Marilyn Manson- Vodevil

"the Golden Age of Grotesque" is his most under rated album. Maybe it just connected with me at a certain time in life, but I think it's better than most of his shit that came out after and half the shit that came out before.

Nine Inch Nails - "This Isn't the Place" 

So this might not be Trent's darkest moment, but I think the songs on this album have a interesting atmosphere that doesn't sound dated like some of the 90s moments.

The Cure- "Pictures of You" 

As far as radio songs go this one is one of the more tolerable moments. I think I said enough about this song when I recently did the top 50 Cure songs countdown.

David Bowie- "I'm Afraid of Americans" 

Of the Bowie songs that would fall into this category, this is one of the more obvious moments. I still love listening to the industrial albums he did in the 90s.

Chelsea Wolfe- "Offering" 

When I interviewed her she swore she was not goth, but still makes music that is dark enough to qualify for a list like this .

Peter Murphy -"Indigo Eyes" 

This song almost just makes the cut because this is Peter Murphy and even when it's a happy song like this when he opens his mouth to sing it makes it goth enough.

Grave Pleasures - "Atomic Christ" 

This new album has more of a punk thing going on , but when you have someone from Current 93 doing spoken word at the intro of the song then you make it one here. The bass line is very Cure like.

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