Sunday, October 1, 2017


The chill is in the air. The Halloween spirit has not hit me so far like it has in other years, normally I am watching the clock, though the reality is October is when the rest of the world catches up with what my life is normally like. However I wanted to start something new here and it stands to reason that if  black metal gets a month in February here,  it only makes sense that we dedicate October to another of our favorite genres. This of course will bring up the infamous question ....What is goth. So for our purposes for this month, the most important thing is being dark. Granted that is the most important thing all 12 months here, but it is going to get an even greater focus.I will keep reviewing metal and punk if it is dark enough to qualify, so if you are in a p/r company and you want to tell me about this great new folk-metal band then their brand of folk better be along the lines of Death In June or Rasputina...I know they are chamber music, so dark chamber folk will be accepted. Other sub-genres to expect to hear more from include industrial, death rock and dark wave.  Shock rock would also make the cut, but we already covered the new Gwar, Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper so I am not sure how much shock is out there aside from those guys... is Lizzy Borden still making albums? Hell I'll even give Lordi a shot. However don't hold your breath for aggro-tech or future pop, beyond what we normally do.

  Like our Black Metal History Month we will take a classic "goth" album and dissect it. We are also going to count down the top 50 Cure songs. The reasons for doing so go deeper than just for the sake of making a click bait list. The goal is 31 posts this month. I don't have much of this back logged so feel free to leave suggestions on our Facebook page. But like most things suggestions are suggestions and like anything with the site, I do what I fucking want at the end of the day. So if I want to just write essays on the virtue of Valor Kand all month then that is what I'll fucking do.  However that would bore more me so it is highly unlikely. But look for things like a maybe an interview with a goth girl of the week or a day of the living death rock. I can come up with silly goth shit all day to write about so get ready.

I am sure there are other reviews that will slide in some stuff that I am just needing to hit publish on and then other albums like Converge coming out this month that might not fit into the theme, so I am not counting them as part of the 31 days of Gothtober. While I suppose the goal could be to make Halloween Satanic Again, so I'll run with that if nothing else I might dig up and new band or two that I like and there are a few artists you guys and ghouls have been bugging me to check out so we shall see what happens with our first Gothtober.

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