Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Gothtober : The Top 50 Cure Songs 50 -41

So for Gothober I am counting down the top 50 songs by the Cure. The reason for doing this is because I had 150 songs by the Cure on my iPod which was almost 3xs more than most bands so I needed to narrow it down to the best 50. So here are the 50 songs that are left on there making them them the top 50 songs, which I in turn have ranked for you.

50- 10 :15 Saturday Night 

From the 1979 "Three Imaginary Boys" album. The tension and restraint is what draws the line to separate post-punk from punk.

49-Give Me It 

Off "the Top" , this one has more anger and punk recklessness to it. The drums really help keep it from being a punk song.

48-In Your House 
This one from "Seventeen Seconds" has a beautifully gloomy guitar tone, but that is not where the expression ends as Robert Smith has dreamy and detached pondering to his vocal to contrast it.


47-Shiver and Shake
The guitar is perfect in it's chaos and the bass drives this song into the thunder of the drums. Hearing this live won me over.

46-Hungry Ghost 

You might be surprised that I have a Cure album from 2008 on the list. Well I think this song provides an argument for the fact that the band's newer material holds up against the classics, which is why they are one of the greatest bands ever.So it's too bad if your favorite band started sucking after a decade or so, Robert Smith proves there is no excuse.

45-Us or Them

"Blood Flowers" is part of the trilogy so I suppose that means, it should be filed alongside a"Pornography", this song makes a good argument to that point.

44-Sleep When I'm Dead

So the stuff from the "413 Dream" album is going to gravitate toward the bottom of the list, but for a band that has as many songs as the Cure does the fact that it made the top 50 is an accomplishment.


A drug song from 'Wild Mood Swings" which was an under rated album.


If anyone doesn't believe the Cure used to be a punk band play this for them.

41- the End of the World

As far as singles go this is upbeat , but not as bright and cheery as some of his radio moments.


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