Thursday, October 5, 2017

Gothtober : The Top 50 Cure Songs 30-21

We are beginning to close in on the top 20 soon, the bar is getting raised with some of Robert Smith and company's better works. These are not their most popular songs, but the best. The sheeple can't handle the best, so Robert knows how to keep the rent paid and writee pop songs , but that is not typically what you are going to find here.

 30-Last Dance

It will be no surprise that songs from 'Disintegration" will begin weighing in heavily on the list right about now. The guitar in this song is so incredible it's easy to hear how I can rank it above something like "Killing An Arab"

29- A Short Term Effect 

 Not the band's darkest or heaviest moments, it does still head in that direction. I love the production on the vocals of this one. The songs' hypnotic drone sums up much of what I look for in music.



 Working on this has reminding me what a great album "Wild Mood Swings" is. While other albums might have more entries on this list it certainly holds it own here.


 27-A Letter to Elise 

 While this song embodies everything about the Cure's more mainstream radio friendly excursions, it's so well written and performed it's hard to argue against. Still it's far from being the anthem of basic bitches like "Friday I'm in Love"


 26-At Night 

 This track from their 1980 album 'Seventeen Seconds" is precursor to their darker heavier side that would come out of the shadows on "Pornography" a few years later, but still holds up on it's own.


 25-Pictures of You 

 This and maybe one other song are the representatives of mainstream radio air play Cure. So don't hold your breath for the basic bitch "Just Like Heaven" shit to show up. The guitar playing on this song is pretty dope and it carries the melancholy to the masses.



 This song might have some of the more accessible elements of their sound, but still transitions over live well enough for me to put it here and is one of Smith's strongest vocals


 23-Strange Attraction

Here is another happy Cure song, though if you listen closely it's easy to hear many elements from Siouxsie's sound on this. Another source of prood that "Wild Mood Swings" is wildly under rated.



Off of "Wish" this song is a good example of what I refer to on this blog and others when I talk about something being heavy in terms of emotional weight, sonic scope and darkness. This is not the darkest Cure so though the lyrics are rather bleak, there is a ton of emotion in this one though.


 21-The Walk 

 It was the "Mixed Up" remix of this song that won me over. It adds a darker tone, but I think it goes to show a good song is going to be a good song if at it's core the song is solid. I normally don't like the Cure's happier moments , but there is an exception to every rule when you are crying like a Japanese baby.

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