Friday, October 6, 2017

Gothtober : The Top 50 Cure Songs 20-11

Now we are in the top 20. Hard choices are always made when it gets to this point , but it should not come as a surprise that more songs from "Disintegration" and  "Pornography" are going to start taking over, maybe not the ones you would expect, unless you have already figured out my tasstes in this regard.

20 -Disintegration

One of the best bass lines ever. The is Full of stormy intensity.


19- A Forest

There are the popular Cure radio songs and then the songs popular with the fans . This is one popular with fans . It has too much of a punk rock tension for radio and not the traditional hooky chorus. It's not an anthem.


18-A Strange Day

One of the Cure's darker songs. It has an ominous drone, that is balanced out by passionate melodies, so everything I could want from the Cure.


17- Prayers for Rain

I love the production of Robert Smith's voice on the entire "Disintegration" album, this song is an example how it makes his voice more of an instrument. The lyrics are also awesome



It might take half the song for the vocals to come in, but it's one of those rare occasion where the pay off is worth it.



While as a teenager I had a hard time separating the lyrics of this song from Peter Parker, I saw Robert Plant and Jimmy Page cover it live and it clicked.


14- Out of this World

You might be surprised that a song from "Bloodflowers" made it this deep into the top 20. It's also one of the more strummed ballad like moments, but has an honesty to it that resonates with me


13-Hanging Garden

One of their more driven and aggressive moments. The bass and drums work together like a machine, I am sure it influenced a few industrial bands that crossed over into more organic music.


12- the Dream

Sure this album is a little weird, but he does sing about being like a vampire bat here, so that is goth as hell.


11-Love Song

Ok, from this point on we are not just talking about the best Cure songs ever, but some of the best songs ever. I was surprised it didn't make the top ten, maybe some of the terrible covers of this song have soured my ears to it a bit, but I guess this serves as a honorable mention in the top ten as it was the first Cure song I ever took notice of. i just noticed the cave he is supposed to be in looks like it is from a Put Put gold course.


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