Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gothtober- Skeleton Hands : "Wake"

This band out of Cincinnati opens their album with a more shoe gazing instrumental of guitar and synths with percussion so minimal it might as well not be there. This makes "Unwanted" the first actual song. The way the synth bass leads in it makes me think of music I used to make when I was on a ton of drugs. The dance tinged beat takes this out of the more narcotic realms. The vocals are plaintive in a more New Order fashion. If the vocals were emoted differently then this might have more of a "goth" feel instead is a shade darker than your average new wave band. He does go a little more in a starker baritone for the next song "Gardens" and this is accomplished with better effect. Lyrically this song is interesting as the garden being referenced here is the one from Eden. If you know me you have to know that any Biblical subject has to be handled in at least an indifferent manner for me not to get turned off by it.

"Shadows" is more upbeat with the reverb heavy guitar providing a more typical post-punk tension in it's hypnotic drone. The synth bass line keeps it dancey, while the vocal ponder a disaster of love in a Interpol like manner. The more new wave feel dominates "New Clear Dawn" with a more Depeche Mode feel to the guitar part. This is another lamentation of loneliness. This is employed in a similar formula but with a more pop angle on "Misanthropy". Things get much darker for the more minimal "Careless". This brand of darkness is not spooky, but despondent. Blade Runner like synths running along the song's back bone.

The album closes with the title track. The beat to this song is a little more like the Cure. The vocals remain detached and monotone. The song is pleasing to the ears but doesn't really go anywhere dynamically. These guys succeeded in crafting the kind of sound that pays homage to the glory days of the 80s without getting to mired down in having super hip lo-fi production. It sounds crisp and every thing is well placed so I will give this one an 8.

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