Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gothtober : The Top 50 Cure Songs 40 -31

Pull on your hair and pull on your pout, as we continue counting down the top 50 Cure songs. So going through the first installment you might have wondered what is determining this list. I did use my Last Fm page to help guide me as far as what tracks I have been listening to the most, but I have been listening to the Cure since before there was anything called the internet, so I deviated from this and factored in which of the songs have endeared me the most over the years. So that factors in, though you might have songs that you think should be on here or rank higher , and the moral to this story is I don't give a fuck because this is my blog and if I say this is the top 50 Cure songs then that is what it is, end of story.

40- This Twilight Garden

Off of "Wish", yet another song that goes to show the Cure is one of those bands that if you only heard their radio songs , you would not have the most accurate picture of what they are all about. This song manages to blend smooth pop structured song writing with layers of more surreal dream like textures.


39- Underneath the Stars

The guitar tone is once again awe inspiring, Robert Smith might not be a shredder, but he is the master of tone really only David Gilmore can touch him in this department. Here this is put on display proving that all he has to do is let a chord hang sometimes. That is not to say there is not a tone of great intricate guitar melodies in almost every moment of this song.


38-The Last Day of Summer

 While the Cure is one of my favorite bands, I typically am not as into the more strummed acoustic songs, this one however takes that and does it in a melancholic manner that evokes the feeling I need to get from these guys or in other words I don't want to hear Robert Smith happy.


37-This is a Lie

Speaking of Robert Smith not being happy this song as graced many a break up mix tape. The strings give that elegant quality I think goth should have, even though if you ask Robert Smith he is not goth.

36-Birdmad Girl

The Top is an odd album, psychedelic and funky all at the same time, though vocally Robert Smith continues down the same road to make this even more unique and quirky in it's sound. The guitar does take on an under current of darker shadows that float the upbeat visage.

35- Cut

As a Cure fan , one thing you hear all the time is "Robert Smith is too whiny for me" , well when he sings that you don't feel anymore and you don't care any more , it sounds pretty convincing, and he is not whining about it he is stating the facts.


34-Before Three

By the time you are done with this list, you are going to be much more willing to give the band's more recent work the fair shot it deserves. Granted when some of these albums came out I was not as impressed , but over time they grew on me.


33-Scared As You

While the main verse riff to this song shares a similar to "A Forest" the melody is much different , but is a great blend of tension and lush layers.

32- Killing An Arab

Many of you might be surprised this one did nt place higher, the earlier punk years are not my favorite, this song is still great for when I do want punk though.


31- Cold

It wasn't until I listened to the remastered version that I really took note of the cello part at the beginning. Very dark and the lyrics are extra biting


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