Sunday, October 1, 2017

Antisect : "the Rising of the Lights"

This band has been around since 1983. Over the years they have matured into a very Motorhead like punk with the emphasis on rock. They have a killer bass tone. The vocals are very gruff, thus the Motorhead comparison. They are all over the place and even thrown in some metallic half time breakdowns . They have big rock chords going into the chorus and a more upbeat ascending chord pattern for the refrain so they guys know how to write a fucking song. The songwriting we heard on the first song is more refined than the more straight ahead aggression of "the Last Ones Standing". Which bums me out a little bit as I would have been fine with them maintain that momentum. "Weapons of Mass Distraction" eventually fins the band getting more metal after five minutes of this ambient backed spoken word sermon. This is almost the intro for "Acolyte" has the riff seems like a  variation to the previous song gives this one a more Ministry like feel.  Though the vocals are a little dry and could use some effects to sit a little better on the guitar, but I get it the fact it's punk so needs the raw feel. It's a matter of personal taste, but fr a punk record this album sounds great production wise.

At first I thought "Welcome to the New Dark Ages" reminded me of Alaric, but then I realized it's that both bands share a Killing Joke. He actually sings at the beginning of the title track, with a Blade Runner like synth pulse running under the vocals. But this turns out to be more of an interlude leading to "Black". Which carries a more solid half time metal groove. The groove continues to be at the heart of of 'Something to Hate"  which wrestles in a sonic storm of trying to decide if it's punk or metal. There is more of a post-punk feel to the more subdued tension of "Scared to Die". This does climax into more of a metal snarl by the end of the song.

Overall I think this hits all the places I need it to. I think this falls mood wise closer to what often gets called neo-crust, with the big difference being the production value gives this a bigger almost industrial metal feel. I think to throw this in with Anarchist punk is a step in the wrong direction as they have a more metallic edge to their aggression that shines through in how the riffs are delivered. It could just be my theory that once punk rockers learn to play their instruments they end up being a metal band.What ever the case it's well done and I'll give this album a 9.

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