Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Playlist -London's Ozzy Mix

Since London has been getting into Ozzy , I decided to make her mix of Ozzy songs. These might not be the all time best Ozzy songs , so things like the song "Diary of Madman" and " Suicide Solution" are not included. But these are some of my favorite Ozzy songs, that are kind of a 101 into his more accessible fun songs, rather than the ones he wrote in a depressive drug binge, those are obviously the best song, but perhaps not for a 9.After all that what I listened to an we know the route I went. If you are not really familar with Ozzy's solo work then this is as good of a place as any to start, as I have pulled from a cross section from the 80s to more present.  

Devils Daughter

Let Me Hear You Scream

Breaking All the Rules

No More Tears

Over the Mountain

Waiting For Darkness

Ultimate Sin

Thunder Underground

Mr. Crowley


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