Thursday, May 16, 2019


This band has been building momentum so this is the album that is poised to break them out to a larger audience. This fact scared me as it could mean they would sell out and become a more commercial nu metal version of what they were doing. This first track is a relief to find they are leaning into the more electronic industrial side of what they do without becoming a big dumb metal band.  There is a darker industrial thump to "Exxxit". This is so far not too far removed from the same zip code as Marilyn Manson's more industrial tinged moments. They do have a bigger guitar sound than Manson. They don't just drone at you with the same hammering beat like a great deal of newer industrial bands who have taken inspiration from say Godflesh do. Since these gods sound nothing like Godflesh their more nuanced song writing fits.

Lyrically it's sex and politics all served up with a great deal of tormented discontent. The groove to "President X" is thick with pumped almost djenty guitar syncopation. The vocals on the chorus don't feel as locked in on this one, but overall the song still works well.  "Altaer" is darker with a creepy slink to the verses.  The formula does not feel as fresh on "Time Slave". "Bornless" works , but is less inspired than the previous songs/ It feels as if the filler is beginning to creep in. With "Surrender" they return to the elements that make their sound work with out feeling like they are recycling them. Though the chorus is not as strong as several we have heard previously. There seems to be a growing rock vibe as the guitars become a more dominate force on "Sell Your Face" .  There is less rock and more of a bass driven groove on "Blackout".

"The Fall" is more brooding. By this point I am not paying as much attention to the lyrics. What I was not expecting was a cover of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks". This is also one of the album's best vocal performances. The album has a big production , that takes these songs to the next level. I think they achieved what they set out to do and did so with a great deal of grace. I will see how this grows on me and round it up to a 9.5 This album comes out on Century Media July 5th.

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