Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sundays: " Wiaca"

This Danish folk band is folk in a manner as loose as Bon Iver. I just reviewed the new Bon Iver so it's a fresh comparison. These guys are going for more of a pop thing, There singer has a rock inflected tenor. The chorus is multilayered. They sing in English. They are also a little happier than my average listening. These guys are more focused on the song than the sound. Though is well produced, it does not seem they have a specific sounds they were going for and just played this is what came out. There is smoother laid back tone to "Passengers Choir".  It is weird because if an American band did this they would not help from sounding like Mumford and Sons. They chorus floats off with a sugary set of wings.

There is a 70s feel to " Turn". It is not disco , but pointing in that direction. Less of a blatant bid for dancing, Their choruses are generally pretty solid and this song is no exception. "Avalanche" is the first song that is clearly folk. They take on a mellow strum with one of the catchier choruses thus far.  With "Afternoon Wakes" they keep things moving in a poppy direction, but poppy in the best sense of the word as the melody hooks you in, not auto-tune bullshit pop.  "Fireman" is the first song I am unsure of how the lyrics work , bout the melody is cool so hard to call, it will most likely grow on me.  There is a subtle hint of country, granted by way of Denmark on "Rush". The bridge leading into the chorus melody is cool.  "Chants" is the first song where I hear any really Scandinavian influence, it's mainly in the percussion.

"Romans" is light and airy in the breeze it flows . They close the album with the somewhat upbeat folk of "Don't' Call Me Jesus" . If you are a fan of folk  or mellower acoustic based pop music then this is certainly worth your time. I think if you are just a fan of music regardless of genre then this is also worth your time. I am giving this album a 9.5, which says something because this is normally not my kind of thing, but it shows I am looking for songs , and will even step out of my safety zone of dark music from time to if it is good enough to engage me in a meaningful way.

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