Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mix Tape Mania : For the Vampires of Ashevillle

Some might say it is superficial or shallow to judge people by the music they listen. It is in fact just the opposite. Music is made of vibrations. The vibrations people respond to tell you what wave length they are on.Whatever you up in your head is what is going to come out of it.  Some people might tell you good music is subjective. First off I do not believe in good or bad , right or wrong, people are either effective of ineffective. So the finite qualities of music are measure by will it stand the test of time and do you return to it again and again.  The local hipsters ah the corner coffee shop might have all kinds of ideas regarding what is good  music or not, but 90 percent of music fads are gotten.  That is why good taste in music is non-negotiable for me. It's the sound track to the movie of life. Not many great movies have shitty sound tracks. So these songs have provide a sound track for me over the years, they are also filtered through the stream of what is good music for 300 year old vampires in Asheville who look like they are 19. Granted  soundtracks for vampire's are in my wheel house so this was easy.   .

"Vampire's Night Out -by Harley Poe

269 Soul Mates by Street Sects

 Special K by Placebo


 Fetisha by Strvngers


 "Love Song" By Snake River Conspiracy


July" by Katatonia


 "Love in a Cold World" Beastmilk


 "Phone Call" by The Faint


"Jack You Up" by- Mindless Self Indulgence


 "Nocturnal " by New Years Day


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