Friday, August 16, 2019

Drugs of Faith : "Decay"

It looks like I am catching up with this years hardcore.  This is not a band I am the most familiar with. In the past I caught a song in the periphery. This band's name go tosses around by the same  The title track is an instrumental that has a pretty mean riff. The problem is the rule here is mean riffs alone does not a good album make. When the vocals come in on the second song, they have a more spoken Black Flag feel to them. Yes they are pissed. Yes this comes across in their songs. What they need to pay close attention to is even with this heavy sound they have to make the most of every moment and cut back on wallowing in the noise.

On "Anonymity" there is a chaotic dissonance to the track. At times this feels almost like noise rock. Though it is blown out in a more aggressive fashion like the guitars wen through a car window upon hitting a wall. The vocals are more spoken so easy to discern. Things get increasingly chaotic on " Nihilists". When they bring it  together with a metallic riff it works better.The album started off with a more metallic hard core sound and as it progresses takes on more of a punk vibe thanks to the jagged riffs hammered at you.It is sonically spastic and seems to get faster as it goes. A minute into the last song "Construction" it becomes a more indistinguishable. I can catch a shouted lyric here or there amid the chaos.

At ten minutes long this EP blows by pretty quick. I will round this down to an 8. This has great energy and is really easy to listen to despite being somewhat abrasive. I am not sure how many more spins I will give this as there are more song oriented stuff that I prefer if I am going to pick and choose. Fans if this kind of hipster  hardcore will find plenty of common ground here. This comes out September 6th on Self Made God Records.


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