Friday, August 23, 2019

Iggy Pop : " Free"

If Iggy contributed to a David Lynch film the results would be similar to the intro track of his new album. "Blah Blah Blah" is the first album I bought by Iggy when it came out as I knew the David Bowie connection. Then I went straight to "Fun House". The restraint of "Loves Missing" reminds me of "Blah, Blah, Blah" every filtered through 50s jazz.  This is his 18th album . He is collaborating with jazz musician"Leron Thomas". The reason he is taking this turn is because he was decompressing  after doing a more rock n roll tour.  If this is as good as the album gets I am o.k with it. That means he must maintain this kind of dark tension.

The looser musing of "Sonali" is not as impressive, it almost sounds like he is trying to rap. "James Bond" might have been a better song with different lyrics. He goes into a higher snark for "Dirty Sanchez" . The songs is more aggressive and works well. "Glow In the Dark" is a strange song on an already weird album. Half the weird is due to some strange production choices. He has covered so much ground already this should not be a surprise. The thing about experimentation is some times the experiment works better than others. This sounds like Joy Division after drinking a bottle of Ny-Quil. "Page" is the first song where Iggy sounds like he is 72. I am not interested in hearing him do spoken word over jazz either. I might accept "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Dark Night". The smooth jazz album of Iggy Pop might be the equivalent to being his "Lulu"

"the Dawn" finds him continuing down the spoken word path.  My most recent Facebook posts was ... One of 2019's harsher truths it the new Taylor Swift is way better than the new Iggy Pop and she is dialing it in half the time. I really hate the fact that I am giving this album  a 6, but I can not lie to my self or to you. There are a few good songs. But this is the fucking lead singer of the Stooges we are talking about . I think he could have done this jazz album in a way that was more graceful. He should have called up David Lynch to help over see this. This comes out September 6th.


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