Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Mix Tape Mania

Kids these days will never know of the lost art of mix tapes. I am not sure you could find a blank tape to mix, much less the boom box to do it on these days without scouring antique stores . Saying that makes me feel like a relic from another time. Do kids leave notes in each other's lockers? Or do they just send selfies, and love Facebook or Instagram posts? Since there are no blank cds readily available much less cassettes the format has to suffice. In the days of cyber detachment sharing music is one of the most soul baring things to share these days as it says here are the songs that make me when I am expressing certain themes or concepts . So here is some of the more indie, folk themed things I lsiten to that are not among the darkest stuff I am into but probably darker than what they average person listens to in this respect, hope it provides a good soundtrack on the cloudy days going into the fall. 

Bon Iver - "iMi"


Chelsea Wolfe- "Flatlands"


 Twin Bandit - "Crown"


 Conny Ochs - "King Of the Dead"


 Emma Ruth Rundle - "Races "


 Marissa Nadler- "Blue Vapor"


 Tom Waits - "Heart of Saturday Night "


 Ryan Adams - "Wildest Dreams"


Nick Cave - "Far From Me"


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