Saturday, August 24, 2019

Report to the Dance Floor - Snoop Dogg : "I Wanna Thank Me"

Not all rappers hold up over time in fact once they get out of the game and begin appearing on TV shows and Movies, then you get to see who was really just an actor all along. Snoop has had his share of not so shining moments like his verse on Katy Perry's "California Girls" which was straight up terrible or his No Limit years, but he made "the Chronic" and his first album was super solid, so there is hope, after all murder was the case they gave him. The opening track is strong and it seems like he might be back on his game. However on an album with 20 songs there is more odds of error. I like the use of the Bob Marley song. It does not feel like Slick Rick adds much and lyrically it's feels like a public service announcement during Black History Month.  "Let Bygones Be Bygones"  has an old Death Row feel, since it is about Suge Knight.  Gang unity is a common theme that creeps up on songs through out the album , the topic first comes up on "One Blood , One Cuzz". This song also highlights the fact that Snoop came from a time where they cared about songs and the hooks were really strong.

The funky "Countdown" finds Snoop in his zone. The intro to "I C Your Bullshit" is silly, but it redeems itself wit ha cool old school 80s beat that sounds like it could have come from a Fat Boys song. Chris Brown lends his voice to "Turn Me On".  As modern pop cross over hip hop it works well. Snoops flow is great. Gangsta rap meets trap on "Blue Face Hunnids". This brings the past and present together well.  "New Booty"  touches on the homo erotic elements of prison I do not think I have ever heard anyone rap about it.  Like the smoke the song discusses " Take Me Away" breezes past with a lazy ambiance, I could have appreciated more when I was getting stoned.  There is a Caribbean flare  to  "Do It When I am In It". T o sound like it is from Miami it seems to be about   Magic City". There is a smooth Isaac Hayes feels to the laid back 70s groove of "First Place".  The keeps his momentum with "Focused". This album is really well produced and a song like this shows how he takes old school sounds and brings them into 2019.   

"Rise to the Top" goes a minute and a half before Snnop comes in. It's ok, but not the album's strongest song. The more r&b feel Nate Dogg gives to "Wintertime in June" works.  "Main Phone" recalls his more classic era. The 80s pop feel to "Do You Like I Do" is cool as he takes on this old school Janet Jackson feel. This might be one of the album's best songs, even though it doesn't not sound like what you expect from Snoop. On the flip side he smooth 'I've Been Looking For You" is very typical of what you expect from him. "UBITCHU" feels more like a Nikki Minaj song.  "Ventalation" fis right in the current tone of hip hop, though once again sounding nothing like the Snoop you might have showed up for until his verse. It closes with the title track that falls along the line of business as usual for Snoop.  I will round this one up to a 10 as the songs that did strike me on the first few listens will probably grow on me and the album's biggest accomplishment is how well he blends rap past , present and future. 

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