Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Gothtober- Kill Shelter : "Asylum"


Wow this album came out back in July, not sure how I missed it. While a newcomer, even a jaded gatekeeper is proud to swing open the doors to the haunted halls a announce this guy is legit. One important element in place is richly nuanced vocals. This can be heard on the second song where they step away from the tension of the opening track to give things room for the Autumn breeze blow.  Is this like a spookier minded Depeche Mode? Yes, which works for me.

 Valentina Veil contributes vocals to "Queen of Hearts".  This keeps things varied and covers yet another angle of the dark wave sound. "Buried Deep" has a darker almost industrial grit to its cyber grind on the dance floor. There is more organically diving tempo to "the Necklace". The momentum is carried further in the collaboration with Ash Code, as the vocals get more despondent and the guitar rings about in a more tearful tension.   

Thought it continues to grow on me I am surprised it is the collaboration with Clan of Xymox's Ronny Mooring would be the one that feels the most like just dialed in color by numbers dark wave. It is very well produced and effective so hard for me to fault it for that. Perhaps working with someone as legendary as Ronny, made him play it safe. Anyways I will give this album a 10 and see how it grows on me. It belongs on Metropolis as this feels like a fitting passing of the torch to leave it in the hands of Pete Burns who should change his name to Peter Shelter in under to uphold his responsibility. 

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