Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Acid Witch : "Rot Among Us"

 Forgot this was on the way. Of course it's Halloween so time for these guys to release e release for these guys. They are one of my favorite metal bands, so the expectations are high. The first song is more of a spooky intro with enough metal to foreshadow what is to come, which is these guys rocking the fuck out with a pretty powerful title track. A great deal of it is dressed up like Spirit Halloween on drugs. They are really coming with the fucking riffs here. There is more of a sludge feel to the wall of guitars that empowers "the Sleeper".  They have a no-frills Sabbath lumber to the deliberate boogie drone of "Psychedeathic Swampnosis".  There is a darker more aggressive death metal grind to "Devil's Night Doom". 

"5508 Martin" is about the Detroit Demon or a hag said to haunt this address. The song is darker and heavier, which is the direction the album is progressing which is perfect for me. They solidify the fact this a death metal album with the more driving chug of "Evil Dad". Granted this song has more Halloween themed sounds to balance out the overt heaviness. But they continue to prove they are just as capable a death metal as their less spooky peers. "Tommyrotters" follows in more of a death doom direction with plenty of atmosphere. 

"Chelsea Didn't Come Home Last Night" is one of those songs that is hard not to nod your head to its deliberate chug. There is a expand and retract tension to the dynamics that proves you can still be heavy and have nuanced songwriting. They saved the heaviest song for last and still pulls out all the Halloween decorations for it. I will give this album a 10 with ease, death metal can be fun if it is dark and spooky enough with a band that writes rippers like these.  Yes, it actually does come out Halloween Day.    

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