Friday, November 20, 2020

The Mix Tape - Emo EDITION

Woah I am reaching back into like  mid 90s to early 2000s . A time when I was pretty numb, but there were moments when I allowed the chemicals ebb for a moment and then felt too much. But those moments were more real. These songs take me back to a place where I allowed my self to be present in real life, something I am miles and miles better at, from where I was. Wow... um that got introspective fast, on a lighter note these song also bring back the breath of fresh air I took to feel the chill in the air and turn to winter, before depression cranked up and I went back to just listening to metal. This is what I get for sleeping past therapy I start processing things while just writing an intro to a mix -tape, which is a happier more carefree thing. Here is where emo was not a ugly word referring to hair cuts on Myspace, there is also a little 90s grunge thrown in, since some of it intersected at one time.

Dashboard Confessional - " Hands Down"


 Hum - "Stars"



Sunny Day Real Estate - "Theo B"


Weezer - " Say it Ain't So"


The Juliana Theory- "Is Patience Still Waiting" 

 Jimmy Eat World - "For Me This is Heaven"

Five Eight- "Oh Surgery" 

 Foo Fighters - "Walking After You "


Mineral - "Parking Lot"



the Get Up Kids - "I'll Catch You"


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