Friday, November 6, 2020

November is Doom- REZN :"Chaotic Divine"

 Found this on a best of 2020 doom list, and the first song is doomy, but these guys are more about the drugs than the misery. It's a great album. If jam bands are too happy for you , but you like the concept , which I do, then these guys might be up your alley as well. Some what "Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun" in the was the LSD kicks into the songs spirit. The sax is a nice touch.  We begin to get out the range in more psychedelic , as they take a lazy groove with jazz undertones on the song "Garden Green" . It's not heavy or even metal, but flows as good music. The reedy tenor of the vocals is interesting . Not an Ozzy clone. 

The return to a more traditional doom sound on "the Door Opens" .  Someone else maybe the bass player takes over with a more belted lower tone that is much rougher around the edges . I doubt it's been the more androgynous vocalist who has been singing up til this point. "Clear 1" is an instrumental interlude. How much you enjoy it will depend solely on what kind of drugs you are on. "Optic Echo" builds off this but with a heavier intent. Like a dude on coke they do not keep it hard for long. I do like the hypnotic place they take it though. "Mother / Forever Time" drifts out of the previous song with a woozy almost Doors like Drone. The vocals lock into a trippy chant. 

Perhaps if Smashing Pumpkins made a song for a David Lynch movie it would sound like "Inner Architecture". The riffs build and gain some heft. The first song is almost Brian Eno era Roxy Music in it's weirdness. They get more overtly heavy on the last song. It locks into a metal chug, Have the album is doom, the other half psychedelic, but all has some kind of groove and really interesting songwriting. I will   give this album a 10 , will listen to it more for sure. If you like your doom very out of the box and not always metal then this album is for you. 

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