Saturday, November 28, 2020

Metz : "Atlas Vending"

 There is Am Rep quality of the 90s set against a more Stooges like swagger. He is more Iggy pop on the first song, he sings a little more on the second song. His voice has more of rasp to it , yet manages to be more melodic on " Blnd Youth Industrial Park" . They get rowdier and more on "the Mirror". I like the angular dissonant nature of what they do it just does not hook me in for this song. Yes it is very sonically rough around the edges bu that only goes so far. These guys are good songwriters and things are allowed to progress into a more compelling direction. 

"No Ceiling " and " Hail Taxi" are both more punk in their direction with the latter having more of a Fugazi feeling which of course works well for me. They are more abrasive and noise ridden than Fugazi with a grunge undertone.. "Draw Us in" has more of rambling punk feel, like the Afghan Whigs. "Sugar Pill" is a little more melodic though not a great deal as the pace picks up. The vocals are urgent and raspy. They kind of remind me of Drive Like Jehu here. It makes a few more listens for this one to grow on me. That Fugazi feeling I got earlier is lurking around but to a lesser degree. I really like "Framed By the  Comet's Tail" because is is darker and he sings more on it. He sings with a ragged desperation. They do explode out of this song with a big build up, so dynamically I am not sure where there has not been more of this but will take what I can get. 

The woozy "Parasite" is more disjointed and give in more to a spastic noise tendency. We went from the most impressive song on the album to the least. I like the 90s Sonic Youth vibe of the last song. The vocals are rougher around the edges and more punk than Sonic Youth, but work really well.  I never really paid a great deal of attention to these guys before , but they have my attention now I really like this album and feel it will grown on me, I will give it a 9. Out on Sub-pop

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