Friday, November 13, 2020

November is Doom - Celestial Season : "the Secret Teaching"


I am more than OK with melodic gothic funeral doom. I am also fine with this band from the Netherlands  being very influenced by My Dying Bride. The first song works off a low growl, where the "Ouroborus" introduces low gothy vocals .Even on the first song they still change it up and never let the vocals hang on the same vocal approach , it is just not as melodic as the vocal eventually become. It is very dynamic . They use a great deal of exotic chord progressions . They have a great sound and everything is well layered, the songs sorrow out of a theme and ebb and flow from there. This album also provides a strong case for keyboards in metal . " For Twisted Loveless" is a little more Paradise Lost and feels like it is an extension of the previous song. 

"Long Forlorn Tears" works off the darker more romantic side of doom . It is a little more up tempo than the hesitantly plodding pace of funeral doom. It picks up into a proto thrash speed by the end. "Amor Fati" backs way off. There is a spoken word sample before it begins to kick back in. The song is mainly an instrumental. "Salt of the Earth" starts off with more of a death doom flavor to it. Unlike death doom it is  more melancholy than aggressive. They are really skilled at layered the guitar parts. There is a more prog feel to "They Saw It Come From the Sky" . "Lunar Child" benefits from interesting sounds conjured and the way the vocals are layered. 

"Veil of Silence" is much like their other songs until, they go off and rip the ass out of a guitar solo like this is Pink Floyd. One of the more impressive solos I have heard this year. I think this is the third Type O Negative cover I have heard this year. I am glad this band is finally getting it's due. One of the women handles Pete Steele's more sun vocal parts. Over all an excellent album glad I found it will certainly find it's place in the top ten doom albums. 

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