Monday, July 1, 2019

Heilung : " Futha"

With members spanning Northern Europe... Norway, Germany and Denmark, they pool elements from each country. They use a Iron Age Nose dialect. The instruments they use are primitive things. These primitive things are however recorded with modern technology as a few songs in you begin to hear how modern studio technology enhances them. I  like the chanted groove the vocals create in the last few minutes of the opener, but it seems like there is a great deal of atmosphere that could be trimmed in order to make the most of this song. "Othan" is the first song that brings these sound together in a highly compelling fashion. While Wardruna, is in the neighborhood of what is being done these guys are more atmospheric and darker. At times not a minimal. The vocals stray from using folk tones, as at one point one of the female vocals sounds more like Bjork. 

This alum be great on hallucinogens.There is a surreal flow to "Traust'. It relies on the vocals to really pull it together. progresses they do balance out atmosphere and keep it focused on begin a song. The ritualistic aspects of what they do remain prominent. "Svanrand" is more of a normal song, for what they do. The guttural throat signing set against the lighter female vocal. Drumming provides a backdrop. There are a few "songs" that are really just interludes as they never lock on anything with enough melody to become a real song.Some points in time it reminds me of music from the VVitch. "Elddansurin" locks into more of a groove that will inspire primal dancing. The vocals are a gruff male chant. This eventually has waves of female vocals that wash it away. 

The album closes with a intense 14 minute song. It works off a throat singing chant and drumming.It has a similar pulse, though it ebbs some dynamically. It has more of a drone than a groove. I can see this inducing a trance like state. One drugs it might make some one lose their mind. The monotony of this gets broken up by sung vocals . This  does have the kind of pulse that thumps perhaps not with the same bass as dance music , but it creates the same trance. Or this was how people got in that space in the iron age. With their last album the popularity of this band had a boom and I do not see that waning with this album. I will give this album a 9 as they have created anoither peice of their legacy with no aspirations of selling out. This was released on Season of Mist. r

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