Saturday, July 13, 2019

Playlists & Rituals

Seemed a good time to make one of these. Now pretty much doing these as special occasions hit me. Music can capture moods and feelings adding intensity to moments. I have always needed it to inspire translating feelings into a physical form, Beats to work as a metronome. They align the heart rate. They increase blood blow. They pulse and quiver. I tend to listen to industrial to inspire violence of a carnal nature. Here are some thematic song that have a more dynamic quality, They show a greater range of physicality put into play. They touch on different colors. Rituals of birth and the breeding process. Making us more aware of the animal. In nature exposed with the rest of the world only catching glimpses. To the more theatrical pageantry music adorns with candle light. So suck in these sounds and appreciate them as much as they appreciate you. 

Die Antwoord - "Daddy"


Angel Spit - "Devilicious"


In This Moment - "Adrenalize "


Genitorturers - "One Who Feeds"


 Orgy -Fetisha


 New Years Day -"Gangsta" 

Kidney Thieves- "Spank"


 Marilyn Manson- "Para-noir"


KMFDM- "Ready to Blow"

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