Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mix Tape Apocalypse

Not going to do a great deal of extra narrative on this , except for the fact I used to like making mix tapes in high school so this is a throw back to that. Here are some of my favorite dark and angry songs, some are darker than others and some are angrier than the dark ones, but I think they all have their own voice. 

Starkweather- "Shroud"


 Cult of Youth- "Dragon Rouge"


 In Solitude-"A Buried Sun"


Dax Riggs "Night is the Notion"


New Model Army- "White Light"


 Only Living Witness - "Strata"


Fear of God - "Diseased"


 Beastmilk- "Surf the Apocalypse"


 Swans - 'Killing For Company"


Nick Cave " Push the Sky Away" 


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