Thursday, July 18, 2019

Soundtrack to Today

Life happens. Music is my best therapy for when it does. It is the best way for me to process some feelings. While there is common theme here, nothing is one shade. So there are variations of genres here to display the shades of this feelings, the circle around forms of pop.Lyrically they all speak to me in different voices. Maybe I need this because I am bi-polar so I will swing from one end to the other processing those feelings. I they are all here to represent the various aspect of this.So here i my sound track for today. If you find yourself in a similar place then perhaps they will help you as well. 

Slothrust - "Walk Away"

 Chelsea Wolfe -"Mistake In Parting"


Ryan Adams - "All You Had to Do Was Stay"


 Marissa Nadler- "Blue Vapor"


Chrvrches-" Never Say Die"

 The Shins- "Turn On Me"


Twin Shadow -"Obvious People"

Chevelle - "I Get It "

Pale Waves -"Black Waves"


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