Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bestialord : " Black Mass Wedding"

I appreciate the creepy spookiness of the opening track that reminded me of the satanic black metal from the late 80s. It is the driving riff of the second song that demand more attention. At times they come across like a more metallic version of Acid Witch. Their riffs have a great deal of groove to them that gives things a more musical quality than what death metal would become. Perhaps this is because it pays more homage to a time when death metal first splintered off from thrash. Things like hooky vocal refrains are still in place. I would not call "This World My Tomb" doom, but is is more deliberate. The vocals are like a gravelly spoken chant more than an out right growl so the lyrics come out front an center. There is more power behind the chug of "Magnus Mater". The thrash tendencies are also stronger here.

"Dr Phibes" finds the lyrics getting a little silly. Was fine with all the fund and game satanic shit , but if there is not a great deal of conviction with the horror stuff then it needs to be darker than what is going on with this song. Sure there are cool riffs , but cool riffs alone do not a good song make. The album starts getting mired in less than inspired retreading of ground they have covered until they come back with "Writhe With Serpents" which plays on more of the darker thrash side. I am into how their sound expands on the closing "Now It Begins". The riff has more groove to it. It almost carries a "Black Album" like swing to it.

My only complaint has nothing to do wit the actual music. It is more about the press release which tried to lead me to believe it had something to do with Lovecraft it it's theme and that is not the case. Musically these guys surprised the hell out of me. If you are looking for some straight up old school metal, then these guys are more than worth your time. Particularly if you are like me and the version of that is dark and satanic. I will round this up to a 9.

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