Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Gothtober -The Weekly Playlist vol 12

Rather than try to out spooky myself, I thought I would let this week's play list just happen in an organic manner , so I just hit shuffle on my iPod and went with that . My day to day listening is still going to be darker than any combination of songs you might dreg up from your nightmares to try to make a sound track for Halloween. I think based on the artists alone, if you are a regular reader or actually know me in real life, not just the inner web world then you can attest to the fact it's pretty consistent with my normal listening So these are just songs I have been listening to a lot recently. Happy Halloween, it is in fact a holiday for devil worshiping so I hope I have inspired you to do some.

 Dax Riggs - "Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain"


 Zola Jesus- "Tower"


 Samhain- "Death in it's Arms"


 Rob Zombie - "Living Dead Girl"


My Dying Bride - "All Swept Away"


 Chelsea Wolfe -"Sick"


 Skinny Puppy- "Downsizer"


 Type O Negative - "Creepy Green Light"


 Slipknot -"Vermilon"


 Ritual Howls- "Spirit Murder"


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