Friday, October 5, 2018

Gothtober - Lowfaith : "On Loss"

The new face of what has become goth now shows up in hipster bars, in black but without the make up. That could also describe this band from Denver. Like the review I did of The first song is deceptive as it's more dream than pop, draped in more shadow than darkness. Then the bust into a more punk paced indie rock. This does have a Cure like darkness to it, that is more obvious when they slow back down a little for "Again, Again, Again". This moping take on shoe gaze is not with out dynamics and these guys have more balls than you might expect. Things don't get creepy enough to earn their spot here til "Requiescat: . But they don't rely on being artfully melodramatic, and get actually heavy. This album continues to surprise me with each song.

 They ebb back down to more of a shoe gaze shimmer on "Saudade". They are not content with just floating around with you and employ more rocking dynamics. The vocals are as emotive , but have a more detached moan to them. "Crybaby" has more of moody Brit pop feel. Though when you say pop in regards to this band , you mean they need to be on the same meds that Ian Curtis should have taken. They are like Hum in the sense they are not afraid to stomp on the distortion. Their more get up and go in "Worship . It takes off at an angular jangle. They have an uncanny knack for allowing the atmosphere form organically even in more upbeat songs like this.

What I said earlier about how they approach pop is called into question with the electronics added to "Aware". They simplify things enough for the vocals to become more of a focal point and the synths create a more New Order like feel. There is a similar yet different take on vocal hooks with "Idee Fixe". Lyrically this feels like the most raw and vulnerable song. The guitars continue to have Cure like effects on them. Lyrically it is about emotional pain, but the song flows in a manner that has the music suggesting perhaps not the most depressing back drop they have offered so far. Overall this is an excellent album I'll round up to a 10. I downloaded it so that's the biggest compliment I can give.

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