Friday, October 19, 2018

Gothtober - The Weekly Playlist vol 10 : Type O Negative

Getting caught back up with the Gothtober editions of the Weekly Playlist, which has proven to be a fairly popular column here in this Abysmal realms. I have already done some playlists featuring certain Artists like David Bowie and Nick Cave, so it seems fitting to continue this trend this week. If you know me or are a regular reader here then you might be aware of the fact that Type O Negative is one of my favorite bands. They blend metal with goth in a way that many bands have imitated but few were able to do with the level of power and elegance these guys did. So given the season it’s only fitting that I dedicate a playlist to them. I am not saying these are their best songs , but they are my favorites that are not the typical hits from “Bloody Kisses” . I typically synch the songs on the playlist with where they fall on their respective albums , but this time I cut my OCD brain some slack and just let them fall where they wanted.

 "Love you to Death" 

 "Everything Dies" 

"We Hate Every One" 

"Be My Druidess" 

"These Three Things" 

"She Burned Me Down"


"In Praise of Bacchus"


"Pyretta Blaze"


"Too Late Frozen" 

"Wolf Moon"

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