Sunday, October 21, 2018

Gothtober's Weekly Play List Vol 11- Ozzy Osbourne

For the 11th installment of the Weekly playlist, It has to focus on someone who not only goes up to 11 , but has a dark side.He has been dubbed the Prince of Darkness, a title not bestowed upon Peter Murphy mind you, so Ozzy seems the perfect choice as horror has influenced his music since the Black Sabbath days. So we have songs either about were-wolves, zombies and serial killers or songs like the title track from the "Diary of a Madman" album which was inspired after Ozzy watched "The Exorcist" repeatedly. Some of these songs are classic favorites, others are deeper cuts and not singles, some remind you that Ozzy still had some pretty awesome moments after "No More Tears".  I know many readers are too cool for school and only listen to Ozzy Sabbath and don't give his solo work a chance or too young to appreciate it in a day where it comes across more like rock than metal.

 Bark at the Moon


Devils Daughter


 Let me Hear you Scream


Ghost Behind My Eyes


Bloodbath in Paradise


Mr. Crowley




 Diary of a Madman


Zombie Stomp


 My Jekyll Doesn't Hide


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