Friday, October 26, 2018

Gothtober - SRSQ :"Unreality"

Former Them or Us  Too vocalist Kennedy Ashlyn continues on after the other half of that duo died. There is a very elegant almost classical vocal intro before this album opens with the lead single "Martyr". It has more movement than what her old band did. As a result it sounds less like the Cocteau Twins until it gets to the quirky skip of the more fey vocal melodies of  "Cherish". Even then when it gets to the chorus you hear her through the haze of influences. The flowing ambiance of "Procession" soars into the clouds of dreamy silkiness. There is more of an 80s feel to "Mixed Tide" Most of this is due to the production of the drum programming. The vocals soar in the same spaces they have earlier the album. There are some weird space sounds that corp up int the corners of this song.

"No Reason " is more of a weird interlude than an actual song. The synth wave of "Permission" sounds like some kraut Rock from "Blade Runner", but when the pulse of the beat comes in the song begins to take more form. While drench in effects the operatic vocals are still impressive and don't require effects as it's clear she can sing her ass off. The album closes with at seven and a half minutes  the longest song on this album. Her vocals are more in her soprano range. There is weird atmosphere at the fringes of this song, but over all its her vocals that really sell it .

While this did not wow me in the same way Them or Us Too did , but she can stand on her own two feet and create music that comes pretty close to the legacy of her old band. I'll give this a 9.5 as it's pretty impressive. There are some really fairy like sounds that belong on a David Lynch soundtrack. We can never go back to Them or Us Too as that band is done, we can however hear where they might have gone as Ashlyn does uphold their legacy in her solo work

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