Sunday, May 3, 2020

Shitfucker : " Sex With Dead Body"

Raw dirty black n Roll coming from Detroit. It does owe perhaps more to the Stooges than Darkthrone, but only by a margin. I like the initial sting of their sound. It's dark. The vocals have a somewhat original flare of crazy to their scowl. Not the best produced album, that adds to the charm, Then the second song sounds pretty much like the first song and I get worried. The title track feels more punk than not except for the mean spirted growl to the vocal. The drums are lost behind the crashing of guitar. "Leather Lady Lover" is the best of the least of the first four songs. It has a Venom vibe to it. The vocals serve more of purpose and the spoken part helps foster a more rock n roll feel to it. They are simplistic , but still chaotic when it comes to the clear cut path of the songs.  Much like punk the songs do not venture very far over the four minute mark.

"Serial Killer" takes the punk vibe they had going for them and force feeds it meth. The drums come more into focus, the guitar can be heard but losing track of what it is trying to do in this song When they get too fast for their own good things begin to blur and all the songs sound the same. Part of this is due to the vocals that do net a great deal of variation. Sometimes the vocal accent things in a more hooky way than others. Then there are songs where it just sounds like ranting. By the time we get caught into the storm swirl of "Splatter Master" it has become hard to tell the songs apart . "Splatter Master" has a more defined riff, but once they build speed it loses itself/. Their reckless enthusiasm can sometimes get the best of them when it comes to song writing , so they only thing that can compensate for this is much like punk attitude and energy.

There is more of the Venom feel again on "Touch Me I'll Scream".  The chorus has just enough hook to it to work amongst the noisy vomit of sound. They stop fucking around and get musical in a more conventional metal was at the end of this. Proving they can play their instruments when they try. I will give this album a 7.5, It is almost too punk for me , but if you are a punk who dabbles in metal you might find that this is for you. This is being released on Hell's Headbangers.

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